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Guide to the World’s Supernatural Places to Go

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Guide to the World’s Supernatural Places to Go
By Sarah Barglett
National Geographic
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Witches and demons, ghosts and vampires, aliens and voodoo spirits… from spooky to chilling to downright weird, signs of the supernatural have terrified — and fascinated — people for centuries. Dare to discover some of the world’s most puzzling enigmas in this remarkable book, which reveals a dazzling array of haunted castles, forbidden hideaways and otherwise eerie landmarks.

Packed with rich illustrations, National Geographic’s first-ever guide to the world’s supernatural places showcases more than 250 spooky destinations around the globe. Uncover the origins of the vampire, found not only in Romania, but also in Madagascar and the Philippines. Encounter the array of ghosts said to haunt deserted battlefields, abandoned mental asylums, cemeteries and other spine-tingling sites. Consider the possibility of extraterrestrials spotted everywhere from Sedona, Arizona to Flatwoods, West Virginia. And experience the mystical origins of such extraordinary places as Ayers Rock, Australia and Chichén Itzá, Mexico. Vivid, dramatic, and chock full of inside information on when to visit, this spooky book will convince you that there might be more out there than meets the eye.


This is a fantastic book with creepy locations from around the world.  In here you will find photos and information about some fascinating places and some interesting stories that will both thrill and chill.  It is a bit spooky and provides overviews of places that are connected to the occult and I must warn you that it is a bit graphic and not all photographs are suitable for children. For those reasons I wouldn’t consider it “family friendly”.  However, it is a well constructed book that provides the right atmosphere in each section while being very informative.  If you are fan of spooky places, you will like this book and it will give you plenty of ideas for travel.

~Reviewed by Jen W.


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